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 The only island to discover in the Gulf of Naples is Ischia.

Evening standard, a famous local London newspaper, reveals a secret to its readers: to know the island of Ischia, a place to be discovered.

17 March 2019

"When we talk about the Gulf of Naples and the famous" Italian summer "most of the users focus their attention on the island of Capri," says Rosie Fitzmaurice journalist of the English newspaper "Evening Standard".
"Capri is a beautiful island, with idyllic landscapes and famous places that have also become high fashion icons.
But those looking for something more convenient should focus their attention on another island in the Gulf, of equal beauty but less publicized, the island of Ischia ".
"Relaxing and seductive" observes our journalist "the island of Ischia of volcanic nature boasts over 100 natural springs with important and innumerable healing properties that make it a" place of return "for the lucky ones who know it.
The combination of natural spas, panoramic beaches and enchanting historical and cultural places make Ischia the perfect place to relax mind, body and soul. "
Thus begins a description of our island which also makes us islanders want to live it exactly as Fitzmaurice describes it.
"Visiting her, you are catapulted into a magical reality that has given many people the chance to discover the true meaning of the holiday, not surprisingly, in fact, you are finding a big word of mouth that owes the merit also to the best seller" the genial friend "turned on 'island and aired on many international television stations. "
The journalist, experiencing first-hand the holiday experience, continues by stating that:
“Just take a ferry or hydrofoil from the port of Naples to begin to live a magical experience.
Looking out from the deck of the ship you can admire the magnificent gulf of Naples paying attention also to the colorful port of the island of Procida, the smallest of the Phlegraean islands.
Arrived on the island you can easily rent a car or discover the wonders by getting on the buses that Ischia is provided.
To take an enviable tan and admire the beauties of the island it is also possible to rent a boat and go on your own while admiring the enchanting bays and the crystal-clear sea. "
Rosie Fitzmaurice speaks about our island at 360 degrees describing places and recommending experiences to live once you have arrived at the site.
"There are so many things to do in Ischia," he says, "starting with the choice of the beach on which to spend your day, perhaps combining this with thermal treatments among the most beautiful bays on the island.

One of the beaches to head to is certainly the Maronti, the largest on the island and about 3km long, where from a glimpse of the turquoise sea it will be possible to see from a distance the small village of Sant'Angelo, a pastel-colored fishing village . "
And it is really so, going down on the beach in fact you will be able to enjoy the sea and a good lunch based on fish in one of the several restaurants to then arrive on foot walking on the shoreline in Cavascura that has so fascinated the journalist “place from the most ancient spas of Ischia that with the magical sound of the springs and the Roman-style atmosphere that refers to ancient times, plunges the tourist into an oasis of well-being in which it is possible to indulge in natural mud treatments and relaxing massages. "
But the surprises don't end there:
"If the day has not yet ended with a taxi Boat you can be ferried to Sant'Angelo for an aperitif in the fishermen's village" and it is indeed in the village that you can enjoy anything that requires the palate, in one of the villages defined among the most beautiful in the world.
The journalist continues inserting herself in the role of excellent adviser and observer; giving its users excellent advice even if you do not want to sunbathe, for which a plan is required.
"If during your stay time is not the best for sunbathing, the day can take an adventurous twist in the name of trekking.
Backpacker, comfortable shoes and on the highest peak of the island where it is possible to admire wonderful panoramas "in Ischia, in fact, the walk on Mount Epomeo is a must try and then refresh with a nice bruschetta or a garlic and oil spaghetti, all accompanied by the typical Ischian wine known in many parts of the world thanks to the D'Ambra cellars.

"But Ischia also offers places of interest such as the park of" La Mortella "botanical garden with many species of plants and flowers that organize live concerts on warm summer evenings," continues Rosie Fitzmaurice.
"And what about the fantastic food?
Anyone who chooses to come to Ischia cannot but taste the traditional Ischitan rabbit ”he continues, the Ischian rabbit is precisely a classic of the culinary culture of the island to taste perhaps at dinner and then dive into the famous nightlife of Ischia Porto, in the area called "Riva Destra" to be the most populated street of the summer, "a small and characteristic corner of the harbor where many bars and restaurants overlook the sea and where wonderful yachts moor for the holidays."
The right bank is in fact an exclusive place both to taste a dinner based on fresh fish and to sip aperitif or post-dinner drinks, all surrounded by beautiful music in a characteristic environment.
"But if you want to choose a quiet evening," continues rosie-fitzmaurice, "there is nothing better than a pleasant walk in" Via Roma "known for shopping, and continuing the walk you will find yourself projected in the ancient village of Ischia Ponte, where the famous "Aragonese Castle" stands, "and it is just so, walking through Ischia you arrive at the ancient village where, overlooking the sea, dominates the Aragonese Castle, symbol of Ischia that is the backdrop to a breathtaking view; the journalist describes this as "Highlight of the island".
Ischia is made up of 6 municipalities, and the one called "Comune del Sole" is certainly Forio, a place of enchanting beaches such as Citara and breathtaking orange-colored sunsets that Rosie Fitzmaurice has absolutely recommended "not to lose".
Thus concludes the journalist of the Evening Standard and leaves the reader with a charge and a curiosity for our island that will make you want to leave immediately.