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The only island to discover in the Gulf of Naples is Ischia.

Evening standard, a famous local London newspaper, reveals a secret to its readers: to know the island of Ischia, a place to be discovered.

17 March 2019

"When we talk about the Gulf of Naples and the famous" Italian summer "most of the users focus their attention on the island of Capri," says Rosie Fitzmaurice journalist of the English newspaper "Evening Standard"."Capri is a beautiful island, with idyllic landscapes an...

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Ischia Hollywood star! Men in Black cast in Ischia.

Over 100 recruits recruited from Ischia.

11 February 2019

Hollywood arrives in Ischia thanks to the filming of the last movie of the famous saga "Men In Black".As announced, the film scheduled for 2019 will see scenes that will have Ischia as a backdrop.After the recruit of 100 extras, the wait was all for Chris Hemswort arrived on...

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The incredible Italian island you've never heard of. National Geographic talks about Ischia.

The village of Sant'Angelo: "the most beautiful in Italy".

1 February 2019

"There are places you choose to take refuge from everything, and then there is Sant'Angelo."This is how the National Geographic article dedicated to our island of Ischia begins.After a little preamble on how to get to the small Ischian village "through fishing villages and h...

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The starred chef Nino Di Costanzo enters Les Grandes Tables du Monde

Danì Maison has entered the Olympus of the 174 best restaurants in the world.

28 January 2019

At the Ritz in Paris, in a unique atmosphere, this year the Association of Les Grandes Tables du Monde was reunited and awarded 13 of the best starred chefs in the world, making them the rightful entry into the prestigious assembly. Among these, now our Ischitan excellence N...

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Ischia Global Fest 2018 stops for one night at ‘O Vagnitiello

A vip night at 'O Vagnitiello.

28 September 2018

Ischia in the summer is a mix of lush nature, sparkling colors and crystal clear sea; and it is precisely at the height of its splendor that initiatives such as the Ischia Global Fest take shape. The summer 2018 saw as protagonists of the event,many wonderful places that mak...

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Ischia among the best 50 destinations to visit in 2019

A Fantastic summer is coming.

10 December 2018

"Ischia a refuge that smacks of ancient charm". According to "Travel + Leisure", the famous American magazine that annually lists the 50 destinations in the world to see absolutely, Ischia wins a position. The largest of the 3 islands from Gulf of Naples, full of places to d...

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Ischia in the spotlight thanks to the TV series HBO : My Brilliant Friend

Series from the Best Seller My brilliant friend, the first volume of tetralogy by Elena Ferrante.

16 December 2018

Elena Ferrante writer of the bestseller "L'Amica Geniale" chooses Ischia Ponte as a film set for some scenes concerning the success of fiction that has had over 7 million viewers glued to the TV and will be aired translated into 50 languages for other countries of the world,...

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