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Via vicinale Bagnitiello 32

80074 Casamicciola Terme (Na)


Casamicciola, on the island of Ischia

Overlooking the sea, kissed by the sun

According to the myth, Ulysses, exhausted from his voyage, arrived on the coast of Ischia and plunged into a hot water spring to rejuvenate himself: this very place is Casamicciola Terme.

If history and tradition are confused, what is certain is that Casamicciola is one of the most famous places on the island. Many famous names have been conquered by its charm: from Alphonse de Lamartine to Henrik Ibsen, from Garibaldi to Benedetto Croce. Casamicciola boasts, in fact, a unique naturalistic heritage of its kind, among lush forests and tropical gardens, country paths and mountain paths, without neglecting the beauty of the historic centre. Also, the Casamicciola baths are renowned for their properties and the most abundant sources are Bagnitiello, Gurgitiello, Castiglione, La Rita.

The centre of the island, not far from Ischia Porto and Lacco Ameno, Casamicciola, is well connected with all the municipalities and points of interest and is an excellent starting point to visit Ischia.

Acquista il tuo biglietto per il parco

With the private bus of 'O Vagnitiello, reaching our park is not only simple, but it also becomes a unique experience for the customers of our rooms: the bus operates between the port of Ischia or Casamicciola Terme and the park, allowing the Our customers arrive at our facility and leave it at the time of departure. Just a few minutes to reach the park from the port and the service is free!
Furthermore, the route has as its protagonist the coastal road between the Casamicciola seafront and Punta La Scrofa, one of the most suggestive of the island of Ischia, overlooking the blue of the Mediterranean.

How to get to Ischia


Do you want to reach Ischia from Naples airport? There are several possibilities. During your flight, you can buy a ticket for the Alibus shuttle that will take you directly to the port from Capodichino.
Otherwise, you can reach the ferry port to Ischia by taxi. Always confirm how much you will be paying before you leave: the route has a fixed cost.


It is easy to reach the port from the Napoli Centrale train station by either tram or bus (tickets are on sale inside the station itself). Take tram 1 or buses 152 and R2.
There is a taxi service outside the station: ask for the predetermined rate from Naples station to the port, and you'll be boarding within a few minutes.


To reach Ischia by car, head for the port of Naples: From the highway, take the A1 junction towards Napoli–Porto. From there, take the Via Marina until you reach the Calata di Massa exit.
If you prefer to embark from Pozzuoli, take the Ring Road, about 12 km from the Naples toll booth. Exit at Via Campana and follow the signs to the port.


How to reach Ischia? The choice is between boat and hydrofoil, and the ports of embarkation are:

  • for boats: Calata di Massa at the port of Naples, and Pozzuoli;
  • for hydrofoils: Molo Beverello and Mergellina, in Naples.

The journey by boat from Naples to Ischia is about an hour and a half, while from Pozzuoli, it is one hour. The ships also carry vehicles or cars. With the hydrofoil, you will be in Ischia in about 50 minutes from Molo Beverello and 40 minutes from Mergellina.
The ports on the island of Ischia are Ischia Porto and Casamicciola.
As for the shipping companies, they are Caremar (hydrofoils and ferries), Medmar (ships only), Alilauro (hydrofoils only), and Snav (hydrofoils to Casamicciola only).


The embarkation and circulation of cars, scooters, and motorcycles of residents are forbidden in Campania during the tourist season (from Easter to October). Also during this period, limitations to the circulation of cars and scooters come into force in the historic centres of the island of Ischia, with areas wholly pedestrian and others with limited traffic.
Parking for vehicles along the roads of the island's municipalities is mostly paid.