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 Easter 2020 in Ischia! Really unexpected!

Let us take time to improve, to observe the beauty of nature, let us respect our beloved island.

11 April 2020

Easter 2020, a different Easter that forces us to stay at home because of a common enemy that has cornered us.
An enemy, however, that with will power and civic sense we are all trying to defeat, surrounded by the scent of tortani and pastiere invading home.
Tradition has always wanted the Vagnitiello in this period to be flooded with scents, smells, colors and waiting for a season always unforgettable.
The protagonists, our customers, began to reach us happy after a winter of work.
This year, however, things went differently but we are here, ready to raise the shutters as soon as this bad nightmare is over and to enjoy with you our little paradise that since all this started because of the lowering of pollution is becoming wonderful.
The clear waters, the clear sky and the clean air contribute to give the Vagnitiello and our island an aspect that had not been there for a long time.
Even if we are forced to stay at home to wait for the end of this situation we do not stop, we continue to work for you hoping as soon as possible to be able to benefit from our wonders, but perhaps with a greater awareness, no longer feel like masters of the world but only guests who have the duty to respect ours to enjoy its beauty.
All this will end soon, every day that passes even if sometimes slowly will be a step towards freedom, towards a clearer sea, a cleaner land and hopefully also towards a greater awareness, to treat our planet better.

Happy Easter to all of us.
We will see each other again soon.